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 Subject : Re:Risk management for off campus activities.. 03/02/2023 03:23:50 PM 
Kathie Boice
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Hi Melissa,
We conduct employer treks in cities like Washington DC, Boston and the Silicon Valley, CA area where transportation and hotel are included. We require students to complete a participation form which covers things like standard of conduct, and hotel/travel intentions. We ask them to identify if they will be utilizing round trip travel, or one way (to site) or one way (return). We ask them to identify if they will be utilizing the included hotel or if they will secure their own housing. Our form clearly states that if they do not utilize the included arrangements the cost of travel is at their own expense. Since we conduct these trips over break weeks we find that a few students may decide to stay with family in the area or stay in the city for the remainder of the break week with friends/family. We had our agreement reviewed by our legal department in advance of using it, and would highly recommend doing so for others just to be certain you are working within your college/university's guidelines.
 Subject : Risk management for off campus activities.. 03/02/2023 02:40:57 PM 
Melissa Holt
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I'm the Coordinator of Experiential Learning at Culver-Stockton College in Canton, MO. We've been having a lot of questions about liability and risk management lately. I'm reaching out to to see if you have any policies or procedures at your institutions for when students want to deviate from a planned experiential activity off campus with faculty. For example, a class is meeting at a site off-campus and a student would rather meet you there instead of taking the offered transportation with the group. We have a generic travel release form, but we were curious if others had forms for requests for special circumstances such as these.
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