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National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE)
Fellows Program
Patrick M. Green, EdD

The NSEE Fellows program is an exciting new program emerging out of the NSEE Research and Scholarship committee. The NSEE Fellows program seeks to develop a community of scholarship for scholar-practitioners and graduate students working in the experiential education field. 

Program Goal:
The goal of this program is to broaden opportunities in experiential education research and scholarship, through: 

  1. broadening volunteer participation and leadership engagement across the NSEE membership,
  2. addressing membership’s interest in generating ideas to strengthen experiential education at their respective institutions, and
  3. increasing NSEE members’ scholarly opportunities around experiential education. 

Scholarly Focus:
The inaugural cohort of NSEE Fellows will focus on supporting the national internship survey, in collaboration with the Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions (CCWT) at UW-Madison. CCWT oversees the College Internship Study, a longitudinal mixed-methods study of internships at 17 institutions, and CCWT is partnering with the NSEE to engage several member institutions to be part of this pilot study. For detailed information click here and review the announcement sent to members in early October at the bottom. 

NSEE Fellows will be responsible for involving their institutions in the survey, serving as the liaison for their institution and CCWT, serving as the data “translator” upon survey report delivery, and exploring opportunities to strengthen internship experiential education at their respective college/university. 

In addition to working with members of the NSEE Research and Scholarship committee, the inaugural cohort of NSEE Fellows will work closely with NSEE Scholar, Dr. Patrick M. Green, of Loyola University Chicago. Dr. Green is a nationally recognized scholar in experiential learning, and serves as the Executive Director of Loyola’s Center for Experiential Learning. For a full biography, visit Dr. Green’s professional portfolio.

Benefits for NSEE Fellows:

  • Learn more about experiential education in practice and through a scholarly lens
  • Develop capacity as a scholar-practitioner
  • Participate with a cohort of scholar-practitioners exploring experiential education practices
  • Build a network and connect to other experiential education colleagues
  • Engage with and support initiatives of the NSEE organization and its members
  • Professional development to advance scholarly projects 

Commitment of NSEE Fellows

  • Apply for this leadership position as an honorary leadership role that supports the NSEE mission and experiential education broadly
  • Support NSEE scholarly initiatives, working collaboratively with NSEE Scholars on research and scholarly projects related to experiential education (e.g., national internship survey)
  • Learn scholar-practitioner roles and methodologies combining theory and practice
  • Meet regularly (monthly) with NSEE Scholar to support project initiatives
  • Presents at future NSEE annual conference 

Application process:
To apply for the NSEE Fellows program, please send your 1) resume/CV and 2) a letter of interest expressing how you seek to strengthen experiential education at your institution to Dr. Patrick M. Green at [email protected] by Nov. 15, 2020. Members of the Research and Scholarship committee will review applications and notify recipients of this honorary role by Dec. 1, 2020.

Announcement from October 6, 2020 Exciting Opportunity for NSEE Membership with CCWT National Internship Survey