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Monday, September 21, 2020

All times are listed in the Eastern Time Zone.

Monday’s Pre-conference will be hosted by Nova Southeastern University and is free and open to the public. You may join any one of these sessions as long as you pre-register no later than Sunday, September 20th through the Zoom registration link provided.

1:00–1:30 PM


Welcome to NSEE: Learn about the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) including its mission and vision. NSEE leadership will introduce and discuss important initiatives for the future and how you can get involved.

Presenters: Paul Kwant and Marianna Savoca

1:45-2:15 PM

Conference Overview: How to Make the Best of Your Virtual Conference Experience: In this session, we will introduce you to the virtual conference platform and discuss ways that you can make the most of your virtual conference experience.  

Presenters: Andrew Demarest, Haley Brust, Marti Snyder, and Ann Bresingham

2:30-3:15 PM

NSEE’s Experiential Academy and Peer Consulting: Did you know that there’s more to NSEE than its annual conference? Learn about NSEE’s Experiential Education Academy (EEA), the value it can bring to your institution, and upcoming online EEA workshops. In addition, we will introduce our new and innovative Peer Consulting services. 

Presenters: Shara Lee, Urszula Zalewski, Teri Williams, and Elise Newkirk-Kotfila


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Town Hall: Join us as NSEE leadership guides us in a conversation about how to create, maintain, and enhance an inclusive environment for all. 

Facilitator: Marianna Savoca


Guided Reflection: Reflection helps us internalize our learning and transform simple experiences into transformational experiences, its important to reflect. Facilitators will guide participants through a reflective practice that focuses on the day’s events.

Facilitators: Members of the NSEE Guided Reflection Sub-committee

5:30-6:15 PM

NSEE Networking Event: To close the day, our conference planning committee has planned a unique and interactive virtual networking experience!

Virtual Wine Tasting with Brian Noto, CSW, CSS 
Sommelier Brian Noto will guide you through the world of your favorite wines as well as provide tips on tasting and food pairing. Bring your glass – or glasses – of wine!  

Facilitators: Brian Noto, Director of Food & Beverage, Cape Girardeau Country Club 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

All times are listed in the Eastern Time Zone.

Noon–12:15 PM 

Welcome: Marti Snyder, Nova Southeastern University, 2020 Conference Chair & Marianna Savoca, Stony Brook University, NSEE President

12:15–12:45 PM

NSEE Awards, Elise Newkirk-Kotfila, NASPA & Erica Ely, University of Maryland, College Park

12:45–1:45 PM

Keynote Address: Reflecting on Inclusivity and Equity to Improve Services to Students, Marian Higgins, Ph.D., Be Inspired Counseling & Consulting, LLC 

2:00–2:45 PM

Concurrent Sessions

  1. Student Artists in Residence: Intergenerational Engagement and Community Immersion, Laurie Marks, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  2. Relationship-Rich Education: Centering Human Relationships in Undergraduate Education, Leo Lambert, Elon University
  3. Insights from the College Internship Study: Issues of Access, Program Structure & Student Outcomes, Matthew Hora, University of Wisconsin, Madison

3:00–3:20 PM

Roundtable Sessions–Round 1

  1. Utilizing Strategic University Partnerships to Create an Underrepresented Student Pipeline, Kimberly Dixon, Stony Brook University
  2. Reflection Practices in Consulting Projects for the Learner & Instructor, Sophia Koustas, Southern New Hampshire University
  3. Work U: Building Students’ Professional & Personal Confidence Through Reflection, Nick van Santen, Boise State University
  4. A Hybrid First-Year Experience Course with a Twist: Exploring Unchartered Territory, Judith Slapak-Barski, Nova Southeastern University
  5. Good Work if You Can Get It: Freshmen & Service-Learning, Teresa Reed, Jacksonville State University
  6. Connecting Experience & Growth: Designing Opportunities to Talk About It, Laurie Marks, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  7. Facilitating Internship Partnerships Through Formal Agreements, Vivienne Felix, New York University
  8. Experiential Learning in Marketing: How Hot Sauce Heated Up Campus, Quantella Noto, Southeast Missouri State University
  9. An Examination of Experiential Learning Practices Utilized by STEM Educators, Mark Threeton, Pennsylvania State University
  10. Using Reflection of Experiential Learning to Develop Career Readiness Competencies, Becky Despain, University of Wyoming

3:25–3:45 PM

Roundtable Sessions – Round 2 (Above sessions repeated)

4:00–5:00 PM 

PechaKucha Presentations 

  1. Quick Tips for Teaching Students How to Reflect, Jennifer Dobbs-Oates, Purdue University
  2. Remote Global Internships with Online Reflective Learning, Rachael Criso, Global Internship Consulting
  3. Student Reflective Writing Abroad: Using the Personal Essay to Teach and Assess Nuance, Jon Balzotti, BYU
  4. Integration of High Impact Professional Service into Service-Learning, Christopher Butler, University of California, Merced
  5. Where’s My Money? Using Experiential Learning to Increase Financial Capability, Edwin Blanton, Texas A&M University, San Antonio
  6. 3D Printing for Accessibility: Students as Makers, Collaborators, and Leaders, Brian Stone, Boise State University

5:15 –6:00 PM

Networking Event: Join us in NSEE's Virtual Lounge (Floor 4 of the Remo Room) to wind down, network, and meet new people. We'll have open tables for informal conversations and themed tables with specific topics including the following: 

Fusion Feedback: A safe space for everyone to discuss current issues, challenges, and hopes! 
Moderated by Quantella Noto, EdD, Associate Professor - Director/ Department of Management 
Southeast Missouri State University  

Your Favorite Cocktail Hour: Is there a drink that you’re enjoying now? Does your state or city have a popular or iconic beverage? Join Laurie for a casual networking session to share your favorite drink, and recipe! 
Moderated by Laurie Marks, PhD, Executive Director 
UW-Milwaukee Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research  

The Sports Room: Sports is a language that many of us speak, an experience we share with friends and family. Join the sports room with Dexter where you can share thoughts and experiences around this common activity. Good, bad, life altering, and yes culture shifting, all of these are great conversation items.  
Moderated by Dexter Davis, EdD, Associate Professor of Sport Business 
The University of Tennessee at Martin 

The NSEE Virtual Lounge, Information Table, and Exhibitor Tables will be open from 2:00PM-5:00PM.

In addition to the live webcasts, the following asynchronous sessions will also be available on-demand.

  1. How Reflection Made The Difference in Assessing Teacher Education Abroad, Melanie McCallon Seib, Murray State University
  2. Creating Evidence-Based Reflective Writing Assignments Across Experiential Learning Opportunities, Deandra Little, Elon University
  3. Using Technology to Develop Learner Flexibility in Preparation for Experiential Learning, Kay Peterson, The Institute for Experiential Learning
  4. Research Reveals the Importance of Student Reflection in Undergraduate Research, Jacqueline McLaughlin, Pennsylvania State University, Lehigh Valley
  5. Reimagining Experiential Education Best Practices for Career Exposure Program Design, Karissa Chabot-Purchase, James Madison College
  6. Igniting a Passion for Reflection, Kerry Arens, Webster Groves High School
  7. Making Research Relevant Through Service Learning Reflection, Crystal Bickford, Southern New Hampshire University
  8. Helping Students See Their Future in 20/20: Internship Career Development, Nawara Abufares, IUPUI
  9. Insights from the College Internship Study: Issues of Access, Program Structure & Student Outcomes, Matthew Hora, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

All times are listed in the Eastern Time Zone.

Noon–12:15 PM

Opening Remarks, Marti Snyder, Nova Southeastern University, 2020 Conference Chair

12:30–1:15 PM

Concurrent Sessions

  1. Critical Reflection: A Foundation for Civic Engagement and Civic Leadership, Danika Burgess Brown, Rice University
  2. Telling my Story: How to Present Data Using a Story, Suzi Dieringer

1:30–2:15 PM

Concurrent Sessions

  1. Challenge Accepted! Going Gameful to Develop Soft Skills, Laurie Sutch, University of Michigan-Dearborn
  2. Experiential Learning in a Virtual World, Claire Jacobson, Chris Freire, Abdullah Syed, Student Opportunity Center
  3. The ‘Soft Power’ of In-Classroom Reflection: A Transformative Experience, Larissa Horne, University of the Fraser Valley

2:30–3:15 PM

Concurrent Sessions

  1. Learning Analytics to Support Experiential Learning & 21st Century Skill Development, Nikki James, University of Liverpool
  2. Teaching Experiential Writing: Integrating Meaningful Reflection on and Off Campus, Danny Damron, Brigham Young University
  3. Developing an Equity-Based Service-Learning Praxis, Shara Lee, Valencia College

3:30–3:50 PM

Roundtable Sessions – Round 1

  1. Wrapping Up Your Experiential Program with An Event To Remember, Jennifer Dobbs-Oates, Purdue University
  2. Mentoring 2.0: Using Guided Experiences to Enhance Mentoring – Donald DeMaria, University of Georgia
  3. Aerospace Oasis: How a Partnership Transcended Experience Across Generations, Robert Goodman, University of California, Merced
  4. Ethical Storytelling, Emily Marchese, Nazareth College
  5. Photo Journaling: Using Reflection to Capture High Impact Moments, Amelia Asperin, North Dakota State University
  6. A New Reflective Inquiry Protocol for Constructing Significant Learning from a Life Experience, Andrea Reid, University of Southern Queensland
  7. Using Photography to Reflect on Study Abroad, Sommer Burke, University of South Florida
  8. Requirement to Robust: Re-Framing Professional Development Through Experiential Learning Curriculum, Darrah Mugrauer, Delaware Valley University
  9. Better Together: Creating Effective Internship Partnerships Across the University, CJ Fleming, Elon University
  10. Game On! Meeting Campus Needs by Elevating Faculty Expertise, Chris Lavan, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  11. Publishing in Experiential Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ELTHE), Mario D’Agostino, Nova Southeastern University

3:55–4:15 PM

Roundtable Sessions – Round 2 (Above sessions repeated)

4:30 –5:00 PM

 Announcement of 2021 Theme, Edwin Blanton, Texas A&M University, San Antonio & Kristina Phillips, University of Mississippi, 2021 Conference Co-Chairs

Closing Remarks, Beth Odahlen, Minot State University, NSEE President Elect

5:15 – 6:00 PM

Post-Conference Reflection 

The NSEE Virtual Lounge, Information Table, and Exhibitor Tables will be open from 12:30PM-5:00PM