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Call for Submissions: Experiential Learning and Teaching During COVID-19

Universities the world over have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, enacting contingency plans and transitioning ground classes to online platforms. Experiential Learningand Teaching in Higher Education(ELTHE) is publishing a special issue focusing on experiential learning and teaching strategies employed by academics as they have (or have not) transitioned their programs during this global crisis.

ELTHE understands that a data-driven, well-researched article that puts these events in perspective may not be possible at this time. For this special issue, we are looking for testimonies, narratives, and personal experiences written by educators that highlight the many challenges they have faced with facilitating experiential education, along with the strategies employed to move beyond these unique problems. In keeping with the journal’s dedication to experiential learning, we lean on the experience of our colleagues and hope that their testimonies can counsel others who find themselves in similar situations.

We invite submissions that outline the multifarious work of administrators, instructors, and students who have had to revise their programs during this global pandemic.

Submission Information

Submissions should be under 2000 words and include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Description of program or course prior to COVID-19 (250-350 words)
  • Description of changes made because of COVID-19 (500 words)
  • Challenges faced or problem-solving techniques employed (350 words)
  • Looking ahead: plans for fall semester or outline of best practices or takeaways (150-350 words)
  • Conclusion
Submit full essays by May 30th to https://nsuworks.nova.edu/elthe/. Submit questions or queries to Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Dvorak ([email protected]) and Managing Editor, Mario D’Agostino ([email protected]).

To learn more about
ELTHE, visit https://nsuworks.nova.edu/elthe/.

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