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Welcome to the Experiential Education Academy (EEA)

What Makes Us Unique?

The Experiential Education Academy (EEA) offers a set of workshops that blends theoretical frameworks with practical applications. We’ve designed a learning pathway to empower educators to craft engaging and impactful learning experiences for students by combining theory with hands-on practice. 

Goals of the EEA: 

  • Provide a Foundation in Theory and Practice: Our primary aim is to ground participants in a strong foundation in the theory and practice of experiential education.
  • Facilitate Knowledge Sharing: We design learning to facilitate access to expertise and collective knowledge, encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas.
  • Support Program Assessment: The EEA supports assessment of learning and thoughtful analysis of experiential programs. Our goal is to ensure that these programs align with the Principles of  Effective Practice through the promotion of quality, inclusion, and efficacy.
  • Empower Development: We create various opportunities for the enhancement of knowledge, skills, and competence. This empowerment strengthens experiential education within institutions and beyond.

At the Experiential Education Academy, we are committed to fostering a community that values innovation, collaboration, and the continual improvement of experiential education practices.

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From meta-cognitive adult learning to strategic planning, our curriculum empowers you to integrate experiential education effectively while maximizing student engagement and success.

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