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NSEE Resources


The listserv was started by internship professional Mike True in 1995, and has grown to more than 1500 subscribers worldwide!  Mike is now retired from Messiah University, but still provides valuable resources at www.InternQube.com, including advice on professional skills for students, faculty guidance on academic standards/best practices in internships and employer resources.

The listserv is now managed by Christine Mahoney, an internship/career professional at the University of Colorado Boulder’s College of Media, Communication and Information.  She can be reached at [email protected]

For more information or for others interested in joining, please visit/share: https://gradleaders.com/internships-listserv

Check Out What CAS Says About Internships & Service Learning

The Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) now has a link to their most current version of standards so that member associations can link to the most current version of the standard of interest.  NSEE has obtained the link to Internships and Service-Learning.   Please click below to review these standards.

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 NSEE Online Resource Library

(prepared by the Professional Development Committee 2014)

To provide NSEE members with academic & shared resources about Experiential Education that can help them acquire knowledge and improve practice.

The NSEE Online Resource Library will be organized into chapters aligned with “Strengthening,” with additional sections aligned with SIGs and current topics of interest.  

Main Categories:         

  1. Building Experiential Education into the Mission and Values of your  Institution
  2. Integrating Experiential Ed into the Curriculum; Increasing Faculty Involvement
  3. Ensuring Quality in Experiential Education
  4. Establishing Administrative Structures That Fit the Goals of Experiential Education
  5. Assessment and Evaluation - available soon
  6. Risk Management - available soon
  7. Community Colleges - available soon
  8.  Appreciative Inquiry
  9. Archives – Back issues of the NSEE Quarterly and other archival materials

Sub Categories: 
Within each main category, resources will be organized in this way: 

a)    Academic Journals & Articles
b)    Books & Reports
c)    Press / Media
d)    Member Resource Exchange
e)    Professional Organizations