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Schedule of Events 


Saturday, September 21, 2019 

  2:00pm                6:00pm            EEA Faculty Retreat

Sunday, September 22, 2019

  1:00pm                 5:00pm            Board of Directors Meeting
  5:00pm                 6:00pm            Conference Planning Committee Meeting
  6:30pm                                           Optional Dine Around Poolside

Monday, September 23, 2019

  7:00am                 6:30pm            Registration Open
  8:00am               11:30am            Pre-Conference Workshops: Track 1*
  9:30am               10:00am            Pre-Conference Reflection Break
11:30am               12:15pm            Pre-Conference Workshop Box Lunch (for those combining Tracks 1 & 2)
12:15pm                 3:45pm            Pre-Conference Workshop: Track 2*
  2:00pm                 2:30pm            Pre-Conference Reflection Break
  4:15pm                 5:00pm            Conference Welcome (open to all)
  5:00pm                 6:30pm            Experiential Kickoff-All attendees gather for an engaged, experiential
                                                          start to the conference that includes interactive activities, informational
                                                          booths, networking, snacks, and more.
  6:45pm                                          Optional Dine Arounds

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

  7:00am                 5:30pm            Registration Open
  7:30am                 8:30am            Breakfast Discussion Groups - Topics to be Determined
  8:30am               10:10am            Welcome with Keynote
10:00am               10:15am            Reflection on Keynote
10:15am               10:45am            Coffee Break
10:45am               11:45am            60-Minute Sessions
12:00pm                 1:15pm            Awards Luncheon
  1:30pm                 2:30pm            60-Minute Sessions
  2:45pm                 3:45pm            60-Minute Sessions & Roundtable Discussions
  3:45pm                 4:15pm            Coffee Break
  4:15pm                 5:15pm            60-Minute Sessions
  5:15pm                 6:00pm            Guided Reflection: Daily Digest/Action Planning

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

  7:00am                 3:00pm            Registration Open
  7:30am                 8:30am            Breakfast Discussion Groups - Topics to be Determined
  8:30am                 9:30am            PechaKucha Presentations
  9:30am                 9:45am            PechaKucha Reflection
  9:45am               10:00am            Coffee Break
10:00am               11:00am            60-Minute Sessions
11:15am               12:15pm            60-Minute Sessions & Roundtable Discussions
12:15pm                 1:00pm            Buffet Lunch
  1:00pm                 2:00pm            60-Minute Sessions
  2:00pm                 2:45pm            Guided Reflection: Daily Digest/Action Planning
  3:00pm                 4:30pm            Conference Planning Post Conference Meeting-Committee Members Only


*Denotes an additional fee.  EEA Committee responsible for planning Pre-Conference workshops.