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Integrating Experiential Ed into the Curriculum; Increasing Faculty Involvement

Academic Journals & Articles
It’s not just the economy…
- The Proof is in the Portfolio
- Management and the Learning Process
- The Scholarship of Engagement

Books and Reports
- Successful Service learning programs: A new model of excellence in higher education
- A new culture of learning: Cultivating the imagination for a world of constant change
- Research Methods for Community Change: A Project-Based Approach
- Presence: Human purpose and field of the future
- To Serve a Larger Purpose: Engagement for Democracy and the Transformation of Higher Education
- Higher education and democracy: essays on service learning and civic engagement
- The heart of higher education: a call to renewal: transforming the academy through collegial conversations
- Teaching Tips: A Guidebook for the Beginning College Teacher
- Teaching Tips: A Guidebook for the Beginning College Teacher
- High-Impact Educational Practices
- The Essential Learning Outcomes
- We Make the Road by Walking
- Handbook of engaged scholarship: contemporary landscapes, future directions, institutional change
- Where’s the Service in Service-Learning?
- Education White Paper
- Service-learning companion
- Service-learning in theory and practice : the future of community engagement in higher education
- Enriching the Liberal Arts through Experiential Learning
- Scholarship Reconsidered
- Higher Learning
- The Engaged Department Toolkit
- College Learning for the New Global Century
- The Learning Paradigm College
- NSEE Standards of Practice
- Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development
- Experience and Education
- How we Think
- Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers. Second Edition
- Service-Learning: Three Principles
- The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects
- Toward an Applied Theory of Experiential Learning
- Coming to Critical Engagement: An Autoethnographic Exploration

Member Resource Exchange

Press and Media
- Let’s improve learning, OK, but How?

Professional Organizations